architecture ……la casa della poesia

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

The architecture facilitates man to live and creates places where the nature in all its aspects, city, water, fire, day and night and any seasons interact with other human beings. The emotions are giving to a place it’s own character; the character is responsible of the cultural production.

Here in the Leopold Park we want to create a Parish Map. this map is about creating a community expression of values, and about beginning to assert ideas for involvement, it is about taking this place in our own hands.
It begins with, and is sustained by, inclusive gestures and encouraging questions. What is important to me about this place, what does it mean to me? What makes it different from other places? What do I value here? What do I know, what do I want to know? How can I share my understandings? What could I change for the better? Turning each other into experts in this way helps to liberate all kinds of quiet knowledge, as well as passion, about the place. Making a Parish Map can inform, inspire, embolden.


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