archphoto 2.0

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

archphoto 2.0 is the newborn child of the well-known webzine, the digital review first published in 2002 dealing, with critical ability, about architecture and its connection between visual arts and social sciences.

archphoto 2.0 wants be the platform for an alternative culture against the academic system open to the world.
The goal of this new adventure is to analyse in detail the subjects complementary to architecture such as contemporary art, anthropology, sociology, photography, movie industry, literature, music, design. The magazine will be only in english not for snobbery but to make the world a more open space, getting in touch with different realities.

Italy: 1861-2011 is the theme of the first issue of the review, which want analyze the changes of italian society during these 150 years through the architecture and the visual arts. How has involved/evolved the italian city? Italy is a country hostile to architecture? Rome, our capital, a mummy or an open city?

Essays by Alessandro Lanzetta, Giovanni Caudo, Antonio Tursi, Tiziana Serena, Vittore Fossati, Guido Guidi, John Gossage, Cesare Ballardini, Luigi Manzione, Luca Mori, Fabrizio Violante, Elvira Vannini.

the review is available in march 2011.
if you are interested for subscriptions please contact me.

Emanuele Piccardo
editor in chief

emanuele piccardo
mob.+39 338 3946854


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