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Rainbow Paper
Intercultural Dialogue: From Practice to Policy and Back
A civil society initiative under the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008
Commit to change for Intercultural Dialogue. Make our collective voice heard. Support our deposition with the European Union and its Member States.
This site, made possible by LabforCulture, serves the public endorsement of The Rainbow Paper, an initiative of the Platform for Intercultural Europe (the “Rainbow Platform”). The endorsement process started on 6th October 2008 and is open-ended.

The Rainbow Paper is the result of several consultation exercises in the course of 2007 and 2008. It is a collection of and compromise between hundreds of view points. We hope you find your contributions reflected.
The paper sets out five steps to making interculturalism our new human norm and proposes five sets of recommendations: Educating, building capacity by organisations, monitoring for sustained policies, mobilising across boundaries and resourcing of Intercultural Dialogue. The recommendations are addressed to civil society organisations and public authorities at all levels in Europe, using the European Union as the point of access. Civil society organisations are invited to sign up to the recommendations on-line.

The endorsed document was presented to the public and to the EU Council at the closing event of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue on 17-19th November 2008 in Paris. The Rainbow Platform is a formally recognised partner for the European Union institutions under the process known as “Structured Dialogue”. It delivered its recommendations, and will continue to promote them in 2009, in this capacity.

Organisations who endorse the Rainbow Paper also have the possibility of becoming members of the Platform for Intercultural Europe as a legally established association.